Paciotti Heritage


Una vita nel mondo della calzatura

The Brand

Cesare Paciotti, a dynamic brand with creative products and revolutionary advertisements.

An anti-conformist brand that broke the rules of contemporary fashion with its very first collection, creating not only simple, ordinary shoes, but also real high-fashion items with precious embroidery and refined accessories.

The Company

In 1948 Giuseppe and Cecilia Paciotti founded a craft shoe-making business, producing a classical range of shoes made entirely by hand. They paid particular attention to details and used high quality materials. These two master craftsmen turned their profession into a passion for their children, Paola and Cesare.

In 1980 the two siblings set up Paciotti S.p.A. and created their first collection under the brand name Cesare Paciotti. Thanks to Paola's wise management and Cesare's creativity, the company quickly gained notoriety, so much so that prestigious fashion houses such as Gianni Versace, Romeo Gigli and Dolce Gabbana, asked them to craft their shoes.

Drawing on a wealth of experience and a consolidated artistic maturity, in 1990, Cesare revolutionised the image of the Paciotti women's collection, which until then was limited to a few items with a masculine appearance. He introduced the vertiginous and highly recognisable stiletto heel, creating extremely feminine shoes allowing for a sensual walk.

Paciotti Heritage



Model / Lorenzo Sutto
Photography / Vito Fernicola